establish and stick to routines
reduce power struggles with toddlers
help distracted kiddos stay focused better
introduce structure and in a fun way 
encourage self management
help the adults keep consistent expectations 
manage weekly chores and activities
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"Kids can feel small in the world. Most things happen to them. They crave predictability, 
For Parents
For Teachers
A picture schedule, otherwise known as a "visual schedule" is a positive behavioral support that uses pictures to communicate a sequence of events. They are relied upon in homes, daycares and schools because we all know kids comprehend better when they can see what you are telling them. Picture schedules help to put the child and the adult on the same page with better communication, organization and predictability and are known to reduce stress, build confidence, teach routines and improve behavior.
Help families at home with communication, behavior, routines and self management
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Use in classrooms & daycares for transitions, predictability & group cooperation
What is a Visual Schedule?
Visual Schedules
  • Type-A toddlers
  • Preschool age kids learning routines
  • Elementary age kids learning self management
  • Kids who are balancing the schedule of extracurricular activities and chores
  • Kids with ADHD who could benefit from visual reminders
  • Kids on the Autism spectrum who need visual supports
Who are they for?
around by what seems like arbitrary circumstance are more likely to cooperate. I don't' generally endorse products, but SchKIDules looks like a terrific way to give toddlers the security of knowing what happens next in their day."

knowing what is going to happen next because it give them some sense of control. A predictable routine  allows children to feel safe, and to develop a sense of mastery handling their lives. Kids who understand the routine, rather than feeling pushed 

For Special Needs
​For diagnoses from ADHD to Autism to SPD, visual schedules can be particularly effective.